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July Special

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2.0 hours for $60.00:

Half Price Sale to Celebrate our One Year Anniversary-Book a 2 Hour Session for $60.00 (membership fee may apply if not currently a member) AND $200.00 off of Any Overnight Session

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Congratulations to Crystal Wilkinson

- winner of the June overnight draw!

you heal you

About Section

Energy Enhancement System

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide healing support and hope to our local community and beyond.

The Energy Enhancement System

The Energy Enhancement System TM (EESystem TM ) is a technology that generates multiple bioactive, life-enhancing energy fields, including scalar waves, which can facilitate cell regeneration, improve immune function, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate mood, and increase energy levels. EESystem TM technology was developed over a period of 20 years by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, and has been recognized at medical, scientific, and professional conferences around the world. The Energy Enhancement System combines body, mind, spirit, and science to help you reach higher states of health, consciousness, and self-actualization.


This system balances and restores your own DNA, so that the body can heal itself.

- Dr. Basheen Baker, ND

Letter from Jack Schulman, Computer Scientist and physicist Rutgers University Graduate Former President of American Computer Science Association Formerly contract consultant with At&T Bell Labs, CitiCorp, IGM, US Dept. of Defence

"In thirty years I have never seen anything running on computers that will provide beneficial side effects. However, after looking at the EESystem technology for over one year, there are no flaws or deception of any type. There appears to be some form of inter-dimensional or high super scalar energy being generated, which when a person sits in a room with the EESystem technology running, their entire life force improves. When we looked at water, after it had been charged in the EESystem room, its fundamental nature had changed. It’s permeability index increased and the surface tension decreased. Food energized by this technology will be treated by the body as more absorbable. When we processed the hydrologist test, we found that something very interesting was happening to the hydrogen atom in the water. The energy covalent level of each hydrogen atom had increased when measured by our spectrographs. In fact the hydrogen was exhibiting some of the characteristics of heavy hydrogen, although the aspects were very positive. After I personally sat in an EESystem room, I felt very revitalized, refreshed, invigorated and relaxed."

"During my first session at Stonewood Scalar, I was delighted to feel the inflammation and pins and needles decrease on my left side due to a recent small stroke.  After the second session I was able to play my guitar for an hour and a half, whereas since my stroke, I could only play a few songs, needing a good long break in between.  At 74 years young, I have noticed much more life energy, now able to complete numerous tasks previously put off due to a lack of energy.  During each EES session I experienced deep states of pure awareness, expanding my sense of peace and well being, which seems to last and increase with each session.   I offer my profound gratitude for this amazing scalar system which seems to work so beautifully with my intent and prayers to live a long life with radiant vitality and a sense of well-being."

Sage, Spiritual Mentor


The EESystem TM is not a medical device. The EESystem TM technology is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, nor prevent any illness. No guarantees expressed or implied are made about the efficacy of the technology, and results may vary between individuals. Information and statements made available to you are for educational purposes only, and are no intended to replace the advice of your doctor. This disclaimer also applies to any products and services provided by Stonewood Scalar Energy, including information provided orally, in writing, or by other means. Medical advice should be obtained only from qualified health care practitioners. The EESystem TM technology and Stonewood Scalar Energy, its owners, agents and employees, do not dispense medical advice nor prescribe medical treatments or diagnose illnesses. The views and advice expressed by the EESystem TM licensor and Stonewood Scalar Energy are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical services.

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