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Stone choices: Golden Tigers Eye, Blue Tigers Eye, Pink Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Black Obsidian, Pyrite, Zebra Jasper, Aventurine, Amethyst, White Jade, or Two (2) Mini White Jade.


SKU: 0001
    • Builds a general body vitality level.
    • Lowers the blood-enhancing chylomicron levels (protein and fat particles coasting in the blood) and triglycerides.
    • Enhances resistance capacity.
    • Enhances mental concentration as shown by a high amplitude of EEG frequencies.
    • Increases focus and concentration.
    • Increases cellular hydration and decreased inflammation.
    • Alleviates headaches, body aches, and arthritis.
    • Delays the aging process and prevents red cells clumping.
    • Increases DNA protection.
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